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Aerospace Insecticides and Inflight Products


Aba Air Group is an exclusive distributor of Callington Haven products for the United States and Latin America.


Callington Haven manufactures and distributes a range of aviation inflight products to over 100 global airlines. Our products are specifically designed to ensure compliance with aviation standards while maintaining high performance and cost efficiency.


Our range includes World Health Organisation and Australian/New Zealand Quarantine approved insecticides, air fresheners and disinfectants as well as a range of personal care and speciality cleaning products.


Many of the products have been tested to comply with Boeing and Airbus standards.


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- Aircraft Insecticides
- Cabin Air Freshener, Desinfectant and Cleaner


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# Product Name and Description Datasheet
1 Fresh & Clean - 3 in 1 air-freshener, cleaner and disinfectant Datasheet
2 Knockdown - Aircraft insecticide for rapid control of flying & crawling insects Datasheet
3 Top of Descent - Aircraft insecticide for use in aircraft cabins Datasheet
4 1-Shot - Cargo hold insecticide Datasheet
5 Prespray - Pre-embarkation aircraft insecticide Datasheet
6 Aerosafe - Convenient 40g aircraft insecticide Datasheet
7 Airez - Residual aircraft insecticide Datasheet
8 Airez - UV residual insecticide with UV tracer Datasheet
9 CH2200 - Aircraft interior cleaner spray & wipe Datasheet
10 Novocare - Antibacterial hand soap Datasheet
11 Novogel - Antibacterial hand gel Datasheet
12 Goldsafe - Approved gold cleaner Datasheet
13 Leathercare - Cleans and nourishes leather Datasheet